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YUWA DAY is celebrated on June 18 every year to commemorate YUWA's growth and original aspirations.


In order to better serve and reward our customers, June is designated as "YUWA MONTH”.

YUWA DAY and YUWA MONTH campaigns include service seminars, sports meeting, lychee festival, summer festival, golf tournament, etc..

lychee festival

If I am able to eat three hundred lychees a day, I don't mind to be a Lingnan People. During the Summer Solstice in June, let's feel the strong Lin-nan culture.

Christmas Carnivals

On Christmas Eve, December 24 of every year, the guests of the apartment hold a party together to celebrate Christmas.

Colorful Summer Festival

According to Japanese Obon Festival, the people will change their bathrobes, and prepare a variety of games.

Yuwa's Golf Tournament

On December 31 of Every Year, Yuwa Apartment provides a communication platform for Japanese in China to show their soccer skills.

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No Need Comparison on Price

Guaranteed Official Price

Lower Member Price

More Favorable Price for Travel

Business Assistant

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Efficient Travel

Super Member Points

Points online and offline

both can be used

Convenient for Eating, Livng, Travel, Shopping and Entertainment

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Level of Membership

Gold Card Member

Room Reservation

Enjoy a 5 % Discount

Platinum Card Member

Room Reservation

Enjoy a 10 % Discount for Reservation

Diamond Card Member

Room Reservation

Enjoy a 15 % Discount

Black Gold Card Member

Room Reservation

Enjoy a 20 % Discount

Membership Upgrade

Free Registration

Become a Gold Card Member

Gold Card Member

Getting 5,000 member points totally after the consumption or meeting the upgrade conditions

Become a Platinum Card Member

Getting 3,000 member points totally after the consumption every year

Maintain the Platinum Card Membership

Platinum Card Member

Getting 10,000 member points totally

Become a Diamond Card Member

Getting 5,000 member points totally every year

Maintain the Diamond Card Membership

Diamond Card Member

Getting 20,000 member points totally

Become a Black Gold Card Member

Getting 10,000 member points totally every year

Maintain the Black Gold Card Membership

Rule Description

1.For the consumption for the short-term rent in Easy Apartment and apartments of Yuwa Hotel, as well as the spending in DE YI Building and the coffee shops, 1 yuan shall be equal to 1 point. (Note: the consumption point shall be limited to the dishes, while the consumption in the drinks such as the wine and tea, shall not be included in the point calculation.)

2. The points will be calcuated according to the actual amount of consumption, namely, the pre-recharge, coupons, discounts, etc. shall not be included in the point calculation.)

3 The first consumption through the OTA channels shall be included in the point calculation, while the second consumption for the room reservation through the OTA channels including Ctrip, Tuniu, Agoda, Booking, shall not be included in the point calculation.

4. The consumption for the rooms reserved by the travel agencies or other groups, shall not be included in the point calculation.

5. The consumption in the Mini Bar inside the room, or the spending on other purchasing goods, shall be included in the point calculation, and shall refer to the point calculation rule for rooms of various brands.

6. During the team accommodation, the member as a participant in the team, whose spending settled through the team bill shall not get the point award for the individual member.

7. The points will expire after one year, and the points not being used in one year shall be invalid.

Membership Guidance

The customers who have any consumption in the cafe bar, restaurants, hotel apartments and other places in Yuwa Group, will be able to apply to be the members of Yuwa Club.

1. In order to register as a member of Yuwa Club and enjoy the full benefits of membership, you must submit your verify mobile phone numbe on the membership application through channels including Yuwa WeChat, mini program and official website, confirm all necessary personal information (name, email, mobile phone number, birthday, etc.), as well as read and accept this term.

2. The membership shall not at any time be transferred, leased, inherited, or used for other purposes, such as mortgage. The member shall be fully responsible for the consequences of any violation of this article.

3. Yuwa shall review the validity of the member's registration information at any time in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and rules, and shal cancel, suspend or freeze the membership based on the results of the review.

4. The rules on the member points shall be changed from time to time as appropriate. Yuwa shall update the information to inform members of the latest rules on the member points through official channels from time to time. If Yuwa reasonably believes that the change may have a material adverse impact on the member, Yuwa shall notify the Member 7 days in advance through Yuwa channel.

5. If any member has any dishonest or illegal transaction, Yuwa shall has the right to cancel, deduct or adjust the relevant member points, or restrict the accumulation and use of the member points. If the member has any objection to the occurrence of "dishonest or illegal trading behavior", the member shall raise the objection and submit necessary evidence to Yuwa within 14 days, and Yuwa shall inform the member of the settlement result within 10 working days. If the member has no objection within 30 days from the date when Yuwa sends out the notification of the result, it shall be deemed that the member accepts the result.

6. Yuwa reserves the right of final interpretation and the right of change for all terms on the membership.